Are you interested in joining our investment campaign, but not really sure yet what it is that we do? Or considering your chances based on how we’re faring at the moment? We can imagine. As we’re fast approaching our minimum investment target, we’re happy to answer the top three most frequently asked questions in this blog post.

1. In how many brands will I be investing?
All of them, in short. That is to say, you will be contributing to Compagnie des Montres Lebois & Cie (CDMLEC), our mother company. From there, we direct daily operations for all our unique brands. As CDMLEC, we already have two beautiful heritage brands under our wings (Lebois & Co and Airain), and we intend to add more gems to the treasury as we progress. This is no secret. In fact, we believe it is our strong suit. It’s what makes us relevant to an eager group of watch enthusiasts.

On all our dedicated brand websites, we fly a banner with all the separate brands. We can see our clients love to ‘click around’ from one brand to the next, and delve into a brand’s unique, individual story. They particularly ascribe to our mission of creating a family of historically relevant watch brands, and they’re excited to see what’s next. Investing in CDMLEC allows you to bet on multiple race horses, instead of just one. If one brand does better than the other, you still benefit. It helps us and you to spread risks and combine production costs. It also0 strengthens overall brand trust. Our CDMLEC name combined with a brand name signals to buyers that we are very serious about our endeavour.

2. What is your current investment status?
Currently, we’re just 9% shy of reaching our minimum required target of € 100,000 before our closing date in March. Of course, we’re more ambitious, and we’re aiming for at least double that amount. We’re looking to attract more investors until then, and we believe that being fully transparent about this works in our favour. As we’re confident we will succeed, we’ve already started re-issuing heritage watches, including Airain’s Type 20. Our first goal for 2021 will be finishing this legendary timepiece, and distributing the first prototypes to trend watchers and blogs as soon as possible. We have already opened our pre-order channels, and hope to turn heads with a unique and celebratory chocolate-brown limited edition. The buzz around the Type 20’s re-edition has already pushed pre-order sales 89% beyond our initial 2020 sales targets. And counting…

3. Why should I invest now? What’s the rush?
As our endeavour is still rather young, minimum investment amounts are still relatively low. To put it more clearly: joining is still a bargain. But our future looks promising. You can be part of a beautiful story. Get on board now for a relatively small contribution, and join us in our ever-broadening heritage brand treasure hunt. As we firmly believe in co-creation, we will actively involve you in our adventures. If you invest beyond a certain threshold, you will be offered to get a seat on the board of advisory, so you will have the chance to have a say in our company decisions.