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Airain was originally conceived by the Dodane family in 1934 and rose to fame for its trustworthy, high-quality timepieces. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Airain was one of the suppliers of the Type 20 model for the French Army.

Lebois & Co is a contemporary watch brand with a remarkable history carefully built since 1934. Lebois & Co aims to become the world’s most personal luxury watch brand offering heritage-based and characterful watches.

With more than 100 million bracelets sold throughout its history, calling Fixoflex iconic would be an understatement. In 2021 CDMLEC took the opportunity to re-introduce the brand. As a current-day reissue of Airain’s 1960s dive watch, the revived Sous-Marine will feature a period-correct Fixoflex bracelet.


we’re more than just watch enthusiasts—we’re keepers of timeless narratives. Our passion lies in curating a family of historically significant watch brands, each with its unique and captivating story. We believe in preserving the essence of craftsmanship, tradition, and design that these brands embody.

Join us in cherishing and being a part of this legendary tale, as we weave the threads of history, precision, and innovation into our curated collection of beautiful and meaningful timepieces.